LG WW140NP RO Water Purifier (Black)

8 Litres

1 years

9 kg 500 g

28.3 x 36.5 x 50.6 cm

Electric with storage,Technology
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Stay healthy by enjoying the luxury of pure drinking water thanks to this brilliantly designed and feature-packed LG WW140NP Water Purifier that works efficiently to provide you easy access to pure drinking water at all times. The water purifier provides RO protection to ensure the quality of your water is of the highest standards while the dual protection stainless steel tanks prevent the growth of germs and secondary contamination. The indicators inform you about the functioning of the water purifier and also the tanks water level to provide you with a convenient user experience. The brilliant features coupled with a space efficient and easy to mount design makes it an ideal water purifying option for you.


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